Business travel consulting

As businesses become increasingly cost sensitive and travel booking becomes more complex, businesses are increasingly coming to us for their solutions.
As a subsidiary of HRG Austria, the ASM team has all of Hogg Robinson Groups’ network resources at their fingertips. Globally, this includes special rates with all major service providers in aviation, hospitality and car rental complemented with a wide range of high end tools and technologies for improving your business travel management.
What makes us special:

HRG consulting

We develop transparent and coherent guidelines for companies’ business travel management. In addition, simplified booking and release procedures help reduce costs.

HRG expense management

Our holistic reporting tools mean high quality expenses reporting. You simply tell us what you need and we can provide reporting that transfers perfectly into your own in- house control processes.

HRG visa services

Country-specific visa policies are checked automatically.

HRG i-Suite™

We have developed our own software so that our clients can obtain a simple overview of their travel management, at any time.